If you go to the gym, check your heart

Nii Lawal was a roommate on Africa’s most popular reality TV show, ‘Big Brother Naija,’ in the sixth season version Shine YA Eye. ‘Ni was the only married man staying at home. Nii claims to have a child Single and married to an Israeli woman.

Nie revealed at the beginning of the show that he is spontaneous, ambitious, enjoys dancing, plans to avoid gossip, and is happily married with one child. He used to play basketball before retiring due to an injury.

Adeniyi Lawal has issued strict advice to those who visit a gym, also known as a gym.

Nie advised on his Twitter page that if anyone wanted to go to the gym, they should first have their heart checked by a doctor.

If you go to the gym, get your heart checked - Niyi from BBNaija highly recommends.

Nie gave his reasons, saying that a 28-year-old man died while exercising in the gym. Note that the man had high blood pressure and was not taking his medication. He also mentioned that his doctor warned him.

He wrote “Comrades…”. If you are going to the gym, please have your heart checked by a doctor…blood pressure and medical tests.

“A man today died in the gym while exercising.” He was 28 years old. He appeared to have high blood pressure and was not taking his medication, despite his doctor’s warning.”

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