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Imo PDP is in shock over the Supreme Court’s sacking of the Senate primary for Orlo

The People’s Democratic Party’s Imo State on Saturday expressed its deep shock over the annulment of the party’s upper house primary elections in Imo West (Orlu District) by the Supreme Court yesterday January 13, 2023.

The opposition party said that the Supreme Court’s ruling, which was in line with the provisions of Section 87 (9) of the Election Act, was based on issues of where the primary elections would be held, clearly not taking into account the realities in Imo state. , particularly the Orlu district, which called the district’s senatorial primary in Owerri.

Recall that DAILY POST had earlier reported that the Apex Court annulled the primary election on the grounds that it was held in Owerri, the capital of Imo State, rather than Orlo being the seat of the Senate in Imo West.

DAILY POST notes that the Apex Court held that, under the ruling, the PDP will not participate in next month’s Senate elections, having failed to field its candidate within the time permitted by law.

The opposition party said in a statement signed by IMO PDP Propaganda Minister Collins Oborozor that the hydra-headed monster of insecurity in Orlu, which has led to the cessation of open political activities in the region, has already become a known fact.

The statement read: “On the basis of this insecurity the party has written to the INEC and has sought approval to hold primaries in Imo and Anambra states in relatively peaceful capitals. The INEC has approved this request and it has been formally conveyed to the party.” Through a letter.So, it is shocking that the Supreme Court ignored this letter and proceeded to pass judgment against our party.

Moreover, the Supreme Court has earlier issued rulings on this issue in similar cases, setting a precedent and validating primaries held outside the respective constituencies as a result of insecurity. Why this became different from Orlu is what no one can explain.

“Based on the above, the Imo PDP shall consult with its Panel of Legal Experts and consider the option of seeking a review of the judgment in the Supreme Court, so as to quickly put the party back on the ballot for the 2023 Senate elections in the Orlu district.

Moreover, our party calls on our crowded members and supporters in the Orlu region and, in fact, the general public to dismiss the rumors that this ruling will in any way affect other candidates in the Orlu region.

“Also, HDP members and supporters in Orlu district should remain calm and steadfast while the party solves the problem, with the assurance that our party will definitely be on the ballot for the 2023 Orlu Senate elections.”

Imo PDP is in shock over the Supreme Court’s sacking of the Senate primary for Orlo

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