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Imprisonment of a woman and 2 others for the rape of the priest’s daughter in Adamawa

A young woman in Adamawa state, 22-year-old Philomena Chillion, her boyfriend and another man, are in prison for the rape of a priest’s daughter.

The trio faces charges of criminal conspiracy, mitigation and rape.

The Magistrates Court No. 3 of Yola, Adamawa State, imprisoned the woman and her boyfriend Abubakar Omar and Ibrahim Abubakar for the aforementioned crime.

Philomena of Chigari in Vuvor Local Government Area and her boyfriend, Abubakar from Ngobuli Fulani, in Yola south of LGA, are accused of conspiring with Ibrahim Abubakar who allegedly raped the 20-year-old daughter of the priest.

Information on the matter states that Ibrahim Abubakar who also hails from Ngobuli-Fulani, raped his 20-year-old victim during the Lutheran Christ Church of Nigeria (LCCN) conference held in Yola town last month.

It was learned that Philomena had asked her friend to accompany her to take an item from someone off the convention grounds by 9:00 pm that day, January 29, and that they both met the two young men who waited for them on a tricycle outside. .

A source said that the men asked them to accompany them to a certain place, and they ended up taking the girls to Ngobuli-Fulani, about 10 kilometers from the conference grounds.

Upon reaching Ngopoli-Fulani where the two men live, Omar grabs his girlfriend and goes to his room, leaving the priest’s daughter and Ibrahim behind in the tricycle.

A few minutes later, a young man met the pastor’s daughter and Ibrahim on a tricycle and asked them to get off the tricycle.

Upon disembarking, Abraham told his victim to go with him to his room, where he had intercourse with her twice and where they had spent the whole night while the other worshipers spent the night in the congress square.

When brought to trial, the three defendants denied the charges against them, and the court, headed by Chief Justice Awani Garba, ordered them to be returned to pretrial detention, adjourning the case to next Thursday, February 23.

Imprisonment of a woman and 2 others for the rape of the priest’s daughter in Adamawa

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