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It is illegal to attack supporters of opposition candidates – Professor Okonkwo

Director General of Atiku Abubakar Campaign Council in Anambra State Professor Obiora Okonkwo said it was illegal for people to attack candidates of opposition political parties as elections approached.

Okonkwo deplored the attacks on Nigerians for supporting presidential candidates of their choice, saying this should not be the case in a democracy.

The former gubernatorial candidate of Anambra State was a guest speaker at the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) Reporters’ Chapel Symposium, where he presented a paper on “The Role of Media in Ensuring the Sanctity of the Electoral Process in Nigeria.”

He said, “As journalists and professionals, we are trained to be fair and report to all parties without bias, and I thank our journalists for upholding the ethics of their profession. But there is a prelude to a new trend in Nigerian politics where people are insulted and treated as outcasts because they do not support their preferred candidate.”

“I remember when the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was NCNC, my uncle was in the Working Group (AG) and the sky did not fall. We also went through the era of NPN and NPP and also came to a situation where we finally had an agreement with NPN and produced the Speaker.

“So, we can’t at this point put all our eggs in one basket because of politics, and politics is very dynamic and that’s the beauty of politics and democracy.”

However, Okonkwo noted that Nigerians should strive to respect the opinions and positions of others in the interest of the country’s unity.

The Information Commissioner, Sir Paul Nwosu, the keynote speaker, while speaking of the inevitability of using traditional media in marketing state policies, noted that the state is one and cannot be threatened by the activities of those he described as “Hitler” mob-minded people.

“It is not in our nature to subjugate the wishes and aspirations of other Nigerian people because of your support for a particular candidate and for us journalists, we must be fair and credible in our reporting,” he said.

It is illegal to attack supporters of opposition candidates – Professor Okonkwo

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