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It will be my first executive order on civil service reform – Chris Immoulin from the Associated Press

Consensus Party presidential candidate Professor Christopher Immoulin said he would make comprehensive reform in the country’s civil service his top priority if elected.

The flag bearer said that the civil service has failed to live up to its constitutional role as the engine room of the government because it is mired in inaction and corruption.

Immoulin indicated that reforming the structure would bring him more in line with the demands of an incoming reformist government such as the one he intends to nominate.

No government wishing to make good on its pre-election promises should not completely overlook the role the service can play because it is oil that lubricates the government’s engines.

The civil service in its present form cannot fully fulfill its constitutional role of making government work effectively because of long-standing habits that must be curbed.

“A civil service populated by workers who have arrived at it on the basis of the knowledge of man; a civil service in which indolence and official corruption are the order of the day can make no government succeed.

If I receive the people’s mandate to become President, I will do everything in my power to ensure that the status quo does not remain.

We will review the recruitment process for the service. We will end the era of file transfer and establish a proper system to ensure transparency and accountability in the conduct of government business.

“We will digitize the entire civil service structure to make it more effective and results-oriented.

“Staff will be forced to undergo computer training and retraining to get them to the level we want them to be in the new system to provide fast and efficient services.

“In my time as President, it will not be business as usual. In terms of patriotic and progressive-minded people who have the public interest of Nigeria at heart, they will be allowed to work in the civil service,” Imomoulin pledged.

It will be my first executive order on civil service reform – Chris Immoulin from the Associated Press

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