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Kaduna LB is a gubernatorial candidate in Wake Fund Storm

Kaduna State HDP Chairperson Felix Hassan Hayat has accused Kaduna State gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Asaki of misappropriating funds donated by Rivers State Governor Nisom Wek to IDPs. in southern Kaduna.

Last year, Governor Nisom Waik, while in Kaduna State ahead of the PDP presidential primaries, donated $200 million to be distributed to people affected by the killings and destruction of property in parts of the state.

Speaking in a live radio interview on Radio Salama, Kafanchan and Invicta 98.9 FM, Kaduna—and monitored by DAILY POST over the weekend—Hayat accused Asake, who was at the time the head of SOKAPU, of misappropriating part of the N120 million earmarked for IDPs in the southern part of Kaduna state.

In South Kaduna, there are about 25,000 displaced people along with others living in their destroyed homes following continuous attacks over the years by unknown armed men.

Hyatt claimed that out of the N200 million, SOKAPU Confederation of the Peoples of Southern Kaduna—through Asake, received N120 million, owing to the specificity of the attacks in southern Kaduna, while other parts of the state received N80 million through Jamaat Nasir al-Islam, JNI.

He explained that a detailed model was presented on how the money would be shared between the affected local government areas based on the amount of attacks they had been subjected to.

Hyatt also claimed that JNI complied with the form, but SOKAPU did not, and instead drafted an engagement formula that excluded the stakeholders who were registered in the given form after which N60 million was spent on procurement of various relief items, contrary to the priority needs of displaced.

“Leaders must be able to be transparent, fair, and fair when they are in a position of power, especially when it comes to those who are less privileged,” he said.

Commenting on the upcoming general election, Hayat urged voters in the region to turn out in droves and vote for the PDP to restore hope and sanity.

He said, “The masses should not make the mistake of voting leaders with questionable personalities so as not to impede our democracy and our nation as a whole.”

Kaduna LB is a gubernatorial candidate in Wake Fund Storm

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