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Kano APC, NNPP in a war of words over four new principalities

The Kano state government of the General Progressive Congress, the Opposition Progressive Congress Party, and the New Nigerian People’s Party, NNPP, have been embroiled in a war of words over allegations that the Kwankwaso-led PNP will immediately abolish the newly created four emirates councils if the party wins the upcoming elections.

The controversy began when the Kano state government said that after the unification of the new emirates in the country, the way was paved for the incorporation of the traditional institution into its sectoral development programs to accommodate the comprehensive social and economic needs of the people, in exchange for the alleged National Police National Party plan to dissolve the four councils immediately after taking office.

Kano State Information Commissioner Malam Mohamed Garba, who serves as the spokesperson for the Gawona/Garo APC Campaign Council, said: “Since the new emirates were set up to make the institution stand the test of time and move at the same pace with the global world, the Government of the All Progressives Congress (APC) It will make the monarchs stakeholders in implementing its development agenda, rather than isolating them.”

However, in a quick reaction to the allegations, NDP spokesperson Abdullahi Abubakar Rogo challenged the Kano government to publish where, when and who made this statement among the party leaders.

Rogo, a spokesman for the nationalist party, insisted that there was nowhere the party had made such a statement.

“This allegation is so new to us that we do not know who of all our members said it, in fact, no one said it, it is never part of our plans, [it] They are just baseless allegations, nothing more.

Kano APC, NNPP in a war of words over four new principalities

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