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Kano: The ruling YPP candidate abandons the party and endorses ADP’s Sharada

Yakubu Oba Mohamed, the Kano State Youth Progressive Party candidate, defected from the party along with his fellow DAP running mate.

Uba gave up his ambition and announced Ibrahim Shaaban Sharda of the Arab Democratic Party.

Oba made the announcement when he visited Kano’s candidate for governor and Member of Parliament for the Municipal Federal District, Shaban Ibrahim Sharada, in his office.

Oba said he defected to join the Arab Democratic Party. Some federal House of Representatives candidates and YPP state house candidates are vying for positions in Kano.

Sharada reported that he had already given up his ambition to lead the party, along with his running mate and the party’s 24 state executives out of 27, as well as 32 local government structures out of 44.

According to him, one of the reasons for his defection and support for Sharada’s ambition came out of patriotism and saving Kano state from mismanagement.

He said, “We are aware of how old-fashioned politicians impede Kano’s progress in important sectors such as education, plight of pensioners, health, crumbling infrastructure, economic deadlock and encroachment on public property.

In response, Kano’s gubernatorial candidate Sharada thanked the former YPP gubernatorial candidate for believing in his march to save Kano.

“Our doors are open to every Kano patriot to join the 2023 Kano Project, as a YPP candidate,” Sharada said.

Kano: The ruling YPP candidate abandons the party and endorses ADP’s Sharada

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