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Koji leadership struggle: The Elago royal family rejects the new palace of Obaru in Kapa

To avoid a collapse of law and order, the Elago royal family of Kapa called upon the governor of Kogi State Yahya Bello to allow full adjudication of the pending Ubaru chief case before the court of law before proceeding with the construction of another palace in the city.

The Elago royal family, during a press conference held on Tuesday at Offen Palace, Kabba, said that the palace has existed for more than 200 years and houses more than 15 different people from Obaros and asked why a new palace was being built at this point. While litigation regarding Obaru’s conflict is still pending in court.

Speaking to reporters, the family’s spokesperson and secretary of the Elago Planning Commission, Chief Peter Olopa, said the family was surprised when the current Obaru Kappa chief, Chief Dil Auonyi said on the occasion of the Kappa Cultural Day celebration that there was no existing palace in the town. .

He said it was a calculated attempt to distort the historical facts of the ancient city.

The family, while telling reporters about the tombs of more than 15 Ubaros who ruled, died and are buried inside the palace, said it was an aberration to say that Kaba had no palace even when he was the first Governor-General of Nigeria, Lord Frederick Lugard and some. Former Nigerian leaders such as General Ibrahim Babangida, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Vice President Yemi Osipangop visited the palace at different times.

According to the family’s spokesperson, “We see this distortion as a deliberate act to create confusion and, as usual, as a way to distort historical facts, ancient traditions, and the culture of the Land of Awwa by hinting that there is no palace in Al-Kubba.” .

“We hereby set the records straight, and wish to state conclusively and unequivocally, that the city of Kappa has always had a palace, important property of the monarchy and the central point of Owe culture and tradition. This is the palace of Obarus El Kappa.”

While mentioning the names and dates of some of the Obaros who ruled, died and were buried in the palace, he mentioned Obaro Baba Mukilo, (1870) Obaro Baba Agenohi, (1870), Obaro Baba Gbayru Ajibuhkun, (1923) Obaro Atakerigulu Oloyori. (1928) and Obaru Obamudi Olu Oye Arokyo, (1932).

Others said are, Obaro Obafakun Olobayo Ero1, (1936), Obaro Olle Akikan Ajibohokun, (1942), Obaro Ologbonyo Arokoyo, (1957), and Obaro Michael FS Olobayo, Ero2, (2016).

He continued, “Therefore we believe that the Kogi State government should not get involved in a case unrelated to the matter in the land courts.

“Finally, we from the Elago Royal Family of Kapa, ​​Oyland pray the Kogi State Government to allow full adjudication of the case before the court before a decision is made on the palace.

“This plan, if implemented now, is capable of generating avoidable tension and could therefore endanger law and order.”

Koji leadership struggle: The Elago royal family rejects the new palace of Obaru in Kapa

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