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A video of KSI Pissing on Ethan and Josh Sideplus has been leaked online. One can watch the video with the link given at the end of the article.

KSI for disdaining arch-rival Jake Paul and targeting Tommy Fury fight instead

KSI could ignore a grudge meeting with his YouTube rival Jake Paul to go after conqueror Tommy Fury instead.

YouTube star KSI — real name JJ Olatunji — has successfully made his return to the ring after defeating Luis Pineda, Swarms, and Fuzzy Timber with his only ambition of settling his rivalry with Paul.

However, the prospect of a titanic fight appears to have diminished slightly with Paul suffering his first professional defeat against Fury in Saudi Arabia last month.
KSI had already suggested before the match that he would be open to facing the former Love Island star instead if he were to progress past Paul. And in his most public display of his intentions yet, KSI tweeted: “At this point, having defeated a professional boxer on May 13th, I am going straight for Tommy Fury.

Paul and KSI have both verbally agreed to a winner-takes-all deal on two separate occasions, but it is understood that negotiations are proving more difficult behind closed doors. A fight was initially targeted for the end of the year between KSI and Paul, but the “problem kid” could be facing a new path that could involve a second meeting with Fury.

KSI is expected to make his in-ring debut this spring with professional boxer Joe Fournier currently the frontrunner to take the call. He could face Paul Fury again at a similar time as the winner of both fights is set to advance to a showdown later in the year that will likely take place in a UK arena.

Paul suggested after his fight with Fury that he would initially take his rivalry with KSI to one side while he attempted to implement his own revenge plan against Fury. It remains unclear exactly how the American intends to overturn the loss, but the battle with his influential rival is likely to remain massive regardless of the outcome.

KSI boss Alexis Demetriades has insisted the fight with Paul is still worth £100m and would be big regardless of the pair’s separate disagreements with Fury. He told Sky Sports: “KSI has a lot of power in both hands and he’s improved tremendously with it. He’s not a one-dimensional or one-handed fighter like some of these guys are.

“I have no doubt KSI will put Jake Paul and Tommy Fury to sleep. If it doesn’t happen at the end of the year, it will be because of Jake Paul’s team. It won’t be because of us. We’re signed to arenas, so we want that fight. KSI vs. Jake Paul It has to happen. If you’re realistic about it, it’s a £100m fight. It’s massive.”

Watch the KSI Sideplus Leaked video

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