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Kwara: Farmer killed, Fulani clash in Batigi

A bloody clash between farmers and Fulani herders in Rogo village, Batigi local government area of ​​Kwara state left one person dead.

The Daily Mail collected that after the death of the farmer, the Fulani camp in the village was invaded by the affected farmers in the community.

The invasion came as a result of a crisis between farmers and Fulani herders in the village.

In the ensuing chaos, affected farmers allegedly set fire to the Fulani herdsmen’s belongings, including motorcycles, according to reports arriving DAILY POST.

Itso Batigi, Haji Ibrahim Omar Bologi11, entered the crisis calling on his people to calm down and maintain peace in the region.

He assured the Fulani that no retaliation would be carried out by his relatives and nothing would happen to anyone, just as normal life had been restored.

Reacting in Ilorin on Saturday, Reacting in Ilorin on Saturday, the Chairman of the Kwara State Chapter of the Ganullah Fulani Development Association in Nigeria, Ali Mohamed Gunoro, expressed his grave concern that at least 103 homes of innocent Fulani people have been burned down.

He wondered why those affected should take the laws into their own hands if they suspected some people of doing wrong things.

The Fulani camp is over 40 years old in Rogu within the Patigi LGA. The chairman added that they have been law-abiding citizens for 40 years without harming anyone.

He called on the Kwara State government to take appropriate action on the matter to avoid escalation of the crisis.

Kwara: Farmer killed, Fulani clash in Batigi

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