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Lagos 2023: Thugs attack Jandur, PDP’s Funke Akindele again

The People’s Democratic Party’s candidate for governor of Lagos State, Abdul Aziz Adiran (Gandor) has once again denounced the attacks on his campaign train.

Ghandour vented his frustration on Tuesday during a meeting with the grand imam at Quito’s central mosque.

The People’s Democratic Party flag bearer met with the religious leader on the sidelines of a scheduled tour in Kosovo’s local government area.

Earlier in the day, he said, the assassins attacked his convoy in Kosovo, and stabbed one of the security personnel.

Gondor lamented a repeat of this across the state since he began his campaign to 245 wards on Oct. 19, 2022.

The candidate’s procession was targeted at different times in Badagry, Ajiji, etc.,

Jandor vowed to continue the visits in his quest to save Lagos from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He revealed that his running mate, Funke Akindele, was also expelled from the Kosofe Fruit markets on Tuesday.

The politician said the trend is “unhealthy for democracy and the 2023 elections”.

Lagos 2023: Thugs attack Jandur, PDP’s Funke Akindele again

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