Listen to Leaked Kari music Lake Call

Listen to Leaked Kari Lake Call below – Liddy was seen swearing and raising his voice in a video posted Friday night to a Twitter account associated with the Lake campaign.

According to an audio recording of a call between a Maricopa County attorney and the Curry Lake campaign for governor, tensions are running high in the days after the election called on Democrat Katie Hobbs to become governor.

Election Day is unforgivable – the fight continues

Since before the election, Lake has been preparing its base for such a fight, making it clear that it will only accept the results if it wins the election. According to her and other right-wing figures, including Trump, long lines at polling sites and technical problems with tabulating machines caused her voters to be “disenfranchised”. “What happened to Arizona on Election Day is unforgivable,” Lake said in her video Thursday.

Here’s the leaked Carey Lake call — the full story

According to the Washington Post, attorneys for Carrie Lake’s campaign and the Republican National Committee spoke on the phone with a lawyer for Maricopa County, home to Phoenix and more than half of Arizona’s voters, hours before she was expected to lose. Early on election day, Lake representatives asked about voting problems. According to Maricopa’s attorney Tom Liddy, a life Republican and chief of the county’s civil litigation office, the RNC attorney stressed the importance of prompt responses at the end of the phone call.

He is the great-grandson of Gordon Liddy of Watergate and was the deputy chancellor of the FNC.

The RNC attorney, whom Liddy and others have known as Benjamin Mehr, told him the campaign could not control “a lot of angry people out there. He views those words as a threat,” Liddy said in an interview Friday. The Like campaign published a video of Lady insulting and raising his voice on Friday evening. A request for the full video, taken from the GOP war room in the Scottsdale resort, received no response from Lake’s campaign. A county official said he was shocked to find that the conversation had been recorded, then published with only one side named.

Liddy said he told Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Pinzon and county attorney Rachel Mitchell about the call.

This tense exchange between two Republican lawyers exposes the GOP’s internal struggle over election management. It became a focal point for former President Donald Trump’s efforts to reverse his 2020 loss in Maricopa County, the nation’s second-largest voting state, as the feud became fierce. As a result of the midterm elections, the growing distrust turned into open hostility, as captured on video. As part of Lake’s argument, county officials should be fired from their jobs and results should not be certified based on printer problems that have plagued voting across Maricopa County.”

The video of the call, originally uploaded by Jenna Ellis, shows Liddy telling the RNC attorney that he was working in the same position.

Lady said, “You sound like you’re threatening me,” Ben said.

Mehr replied, “I don’t threaten you.”

In response, Liddy described how he viewed Mehr’s comments about rejecting the Lake election as unmanageable.

You did not give up.

Listen to Leaked Kari music Lake Call

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