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Locals react in Yola as a woman is shot by a patrol officer

A police patrol shot dead a woman in the capital of Adamawa state, Yola, causing public outrage.

It was gathered on Friday morning that the accident that occurred in the Dobele Well in Gemita, Yola North LGA by 9:00 pm on Thursday also resulted in injuries to two children of the deceased and one other person.

The offending policeman was said to be among the policemen on routine patrol in the neighbourhood, as they grabbed a young man who was found sitting in front of his compound.

Witnesses said that the policemen wanted to remove the man but the neighbors resisted, demanding an explanation, a situation that alarmed the policemen, who were said to have fired shots that hit and killed the woman, Maryam Abdullah, a 70-year-old grandmother.

The gunshots allegedly hit three other people, two of whom were the woman’s children, causing their injuries.

The angry youths reacted to the development with violence and attacked Dobele Police Station.

In response to an investigation, the state’s Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), S.J.

He added that the leadership is conducting further investigations to find out more facts about the case.

Locals react in Yola as a woman is shot by a patrol officer

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