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Men who reject polygamy contribute to prostitution – Ned Nuku

Nigerian lawyer and politician, Prince Chinedu Munir Nwokwu, better known as Ned Nwokwu, has accused men who do not take more than one wife of contributing to the immorality of society.

The former legislator, who mentioned this in his recent interview with the Guardian newspaper, urged Nigerian men to emulate northern men by marrying more than one wife.

He said, “Many women there are without husbands, especially in the southern part of the country, and there is a high rate of prostitution. If southern men emulate their northern counterparts by taking more than one wife, that would probably change the situation.”

“The average Southerner might have one wife with girlfriends, and he spends money on his girlfriends, sometimes more than his wife.

“For example, a man, who has three wives, is focused on them, all the money he makes is spent on his family, and he is likely to have no girlfriend or concubines. The money that many girlfriends spend on them is a gift, not an investment in the family.”

Nwoko, who has several wives, noted that he and his Oni Ife, Oba Initan Ogunosi, serve Nigeria by having many wives.

Ned, who also claimed to have the same background as the Oni, explained that their ancestors were kings and they served Nigeria in that capacity. “And we are now also serving Nigeria by having many wives.”

Men who reject polygamy contribute to prostitution – Ned Nuku

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