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Messi and Ronaldo: Drake chooses the best player in history

Five-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist Drake has become the latest celebrity to pick the Best Player of All Time (GOAT) pick between Paris Saint-Germain striker Lionel Messi and Al-Nassr forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

Arguably, Messi and Ronaldo are the two greatest players of their era.

Both footballers have dominated the sport like no other, with 12 Ballon d’Or awards, 1,400 club goals and nine UEFA Champions League titles.

Messi even added the FIFA World Cup to his collection last December, which Ronaldo doesn’t have in his corner.

The controversy between Messi and Ronaldo has been going on for over thirteen years, with no definitive answer in sight.

However, when asked to choose between Messi and Ronaldo during an impromptu video call with YouTuber and IShowSpeed, Drake replied: “Oh man, that’s tough. For me, maybe Ronaldo, to be honest.”

“But I know that maybe it won’t be good. I know it’s Messi’s moment now, but for me, I’ve always been a fan of Ronaldo. I’m like you.”

The “Messi moment” undoubtedly refers to the player’s World Cup victory with Argentina late last year.

Messi and Ronaldo: Drake chooses the best player in history

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