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Muslim group urges NBC to ban ‘Kuku do ritual’ mobile show

An Islamist group, Muslim Rights Organization MURIC, on Monday urged the national broadcaster, NBC, to ban the “Coco Do Ritual” program. Album by Habib Okikeola, known as Portable.

In a statement to her director Professor Isaac Akintola, Morek said the new album will encourage youth and other Nigerians to embrace the ritual.

The group said it finds the song disgusting, hateful and outrageous, saying it is a brazen assault on Nigerian and African values.

He said that the latest mobile song has reduced human life to the level of ordinary ants, which can be eliminated under human feet without worry and consequences.

He cited the examples of three teenagers who were caught trying to kill a 13-year-old girl for ritual money in Bayelsa State in January 2022 and four teenagers living in Abeokuta, Ogun State, who killed a girlfriend of one of their own for ritual money.

The group called on all men of good will, all mothers in Nigeria, Muslim and Christian leaders to stand up against the “yahoo yahoo” craze and ritual killings among young men whose ambassador has just released a shocking song in their praise.

He also called for immediate action by Nigeria’s traditional rulers, being the guardians of tradition.

He appealed to religious leaders to put pressure on the authorities to stop circulating and broadcasting the album on any radio or television station and through any means.

The group appealed to NBC, the National Film and Video Censorship Board, NFVCB; Nigerian Copyright Commission, NCC; and the Nigerian Musicians Association, PMAN, for action.

Muslim group urges NBC to ban ‘Kuku do ritual’ mobile show

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