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My Bitter Experience in APC – Former Deputy Governor of Jigawa

Former Deputy Governor of Jigawa State, Ahmad Mahmud Gomel described his time as a member of the All Progressive Congress, APC, as full of pain and agony.

Gomel made the announcement on Saturday after picking up his new PDP membership card in Bamina, home of former governor Soleil Lamido.

He claimed that the GPC administration failed to meet the aspirations and aspirations of the common man.

“I used to shed tears whenever I saw how things were going in APC and I remember how things were when we were in the government under the HDP,” Gomel stated, indicating that it was time for him to join his party and meet his people to make things better.

“That’s why I didn’t rip up my old PDP membership card because I know I’ll come home one day because we’re building the house,” he said.

However, he debunked the allegation that he had left the party alone.

“I and all my supporters who worked for the success of the APC in 2015 and 2019 have withdrawn from the party and I will work for the victory of the APC in the next general elections of 2023,” he affirmed and also confirmed that more prominent politicians in the state will join the party. PDP in the next two weeks.

The Daily Post reported that the former deputy governor resigned his membership from the ruling Progressive Congress party, the General People’s Congress, and returned to his former party, the Democratic Progressive Party.

My Bitter Experience in APC – Former Deputy Governor of Jigawa

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