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My Facebook Page Was Hacked Tinubu Campaign Secretary Faleke Denies Empowerment Fund

Secretary of the Presidential Campaign Council of the All Progressives Governing Council, APC, presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, James Valecki has raised the alarm about the unscrupulous elements who hacked his official Facebook account.

Falk lamented that these unscrupulous elements hacked into his Facebook account to blackmail unsuspecting Nigerians.

He issued a “disclaimer” in a statement disavowing the perpetrators of the crime.

Valek identified the hacker as Lukman Johnny who works with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture in Abuja.

Hackers are asking unsuspecting Nigerians to pay N18000 in order to access the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Campaign Organization Empowerment Fund.

Unsuspecting Nigerians were asked to pay N18,500 into a dedicated account provided by the hackers.

But the chairman of the House Finance Committee urged Nigerians to ignore the letter.

The statement read: “I have been inundated with reports from several Nigerians about the activities of some unscrupulous elements who have hacked into my official Facebook account, to blackmail unsuspecting Nigerians.

“One of the people behind this scam is also sending messages to unsuspecting victims using a given name Luqman Johnny with phone number 08147136835, he is said to be a Federal Ministry of Agriculture employee in Abuja.”

“Johnny told him on 08147136835 I am your destination, he is the Director in charge of Empowerment Fund in Federal Ministry of Agriculture here in Abuja and he will guide you on what to do,” the message reads.

Valcke denied knowledge of the empowerment money that Tinubu had set aside.

The lawmaker urged Nigerians to track the activities of hackers and report them to security agents.

He added, “I would like to record that I am not aware of any empowerment fund being allocated or distributed to any individual or group of persons by Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, or by myself.”

My Facebook Page Was Hacked Tinubu Campaign Secretary Faleke Denies Empowerment Fund

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