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My husband is not a Fulani bush, he is a civilized one – Atiku’s wife

Titi Atiku Abubakar, wife of the HDP presidential candidate, stated that Nigerians should not get restless with her husband Atiku Abubakar becoming president because of his tribe.

According to Titi, her husband is a civilized Fulani, not one who stayed in the bush.

She made the statement on Wednesday during the party’s election rally held at the Democracy Park in Ondo state.

When Atiku becomes president, Nigeria will definitely be better than it is now.

We won the last election, but we were rigged in the election. Really Atiku Fulani but it is not bush Fulani but civilized. I’ve been with him for over 40 years.”

During the Obasanjo era, Atiku gathered the best minds for management. To all Yorubas, Atiku is for you and will develop the country.

“When I become First Lady, I will take care of the youth and children. Scholarships will be given. Vote for Atiku because he knows the way. In the land there is hunger.”

Meanwhile, Atiku urged Nigerians not to repeat the mistake of 2019 when they voted the ruling Progressive Congress party to power.

Atiku said, “We started our campaign in Ondo State as the first state in the Southwest because of the support you have given us in 2023.

“We will make all federal roads motorable. We will allocate enough money for young people for jobs. In our policy document, we have committed $10 billion to young people. We must empower them.”

We will give money to universities, not what APC does. Nobody wants to repeat APC again in Nigeria.”

My husband is not a Fulani bush, he is a civilized one – Atiku’s wife

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