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NAF bombs bandits and neutralizes scores in Kaduna

The Kaduna State Government confirmed the attack by the Nigerian Air Force against the bandits.

This was stated by Samuel Arwan, Commissioner of the Department of Homeland Security and Home Affairs, Kaduna State, in a statement on Monday.

According to him, the feedback received showed that the Nigerian Air Force had neutralized many bandits, and destroyed camps around Birnin Jawari, Ajabi and Teshkoun LGAs.

“Continuing air patrols across Kaduna State, the Nigerian Air Force reported that several bandits were neutralized and camps destroyed in the latest round of operations,” he said.

Air patrols located and attacked an active site in the Kasarami general area of ​​the Chikun LGA, he said, adding that a bandit camp was similarly bombed and destroyed in Kofita and Kuyanbana Forest in the Birnin Gwari LGA.

He added that several camps in Koduru and Gunan Batoria were also targeted and destroyed, and terrorists about 4 kilometers west of Nabango were neutralized.

He said that the forces saw some thieves around the axes of Karshi, Kirawa and Al-Wawa from Igabi and Jiwa while they were conducting surveillance, and dealt with them accordingly.

He confirmed that close air support had been given to the forces conducting mopping-up operations around Ligarma, positive LGA. During this mission, the home of the notorious bandit leader Haji Lawan is attacked and destroyed by missiles.

The Kaduna State Government received the report with thanks and warmly commended the crews and personnel for the continued effectiveness of the operations, adding that land and air patrols would continue in the areas and other common areas.

NAF bombs bandits and neutralizes scores in Kaduna

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