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NANS advocates for improved security for UNIZIK students off campus

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has called for better security in Ifite, a community close to Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Oka, where many students reside.

Yvette has recorded, in recent weeks, an escalation in crime leaving many students the victims of armed robbers. Sectarianism was also rampant in the region as many killings were recorded, while some media organizations reported rape of female students whose homes were invaded.

At a press conference, NANS Finance Secretary, District F Okafor Ernest, who represents NANS Head for the District, called for enhanced security in Ifite.

He also absolved the police of blame for the recent attack on students living in the area, saying that the attack, which the students wrongly attributed to the policemen, was ultimately an attack by thieves who stole from several students in their homes. lodges.

He said, “We have investigated the incident and are satisfied that it was not the police who raided the student dormitories. It was the thieves who attacked the students. We apologize for all the damages that our allegations may have caused to the police.”

“We also want to say that there was no rape in any hostel in Yvette as some news organizations have reported. The rumor is false. We visited most of the hostels and interviewed the students and came to the conclusion that it was [an] An armed robbery, not a police raid, and no rape has been recorded.”

He also appealed to the police to step up security around the community.

“We know that providing security is a daunting task, but everything that can be deployed to secure students must be deployed in Evette,” he said, calling on the Inspector General of Police to establish a police department as well “here in Evette and allow it to meet the security challenges we face.”

Reinforcing the NANS president’s advocacy, SUG President of the Institution’s Student Union Government, Charles Obinna Ijeoma, called for more hostels to be built on campus to help students live in a safer environment.

“This is a federal institution and we expect the federal government to act to secure the students. We have land everywhere in the institution, and I wonder what it is for, if not for development?” he said.

NANS advocates for improved security for UNIZIK students off campus

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