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Niger/Kogi Customs Command seized smuggled goods worth N165 million

The Niger-Kogi District Command of the Nigerian Customs Service revealed that it has seized contraband goods worth more than N165 million and vowed to make its domain a no-go zone for smugglers.

The Customs Area Superintendent Bosayo Kadijo stated this while showing the seized materials to the journalists in Mina.

Kadejo stated that the seized materials include 15 cars of various brands with an estimated value of more than 145 metres, 60 pieces of medicine, four bales of used clothes, and 14,640 pieces of imported soap.

Others are 2,070 pieces of machetes, 32,850 canned sardines, 1,790 pieces of jack knives, and more.

He also disclosed that from November to date, the Niger-Kogé Region Command has generated more than N22 million in revenue, saying that his officers and men are about to exceed their annual revenue target.

According to him: “The leadership is able to achieve this success thanks to the improved capabilities and logistics it received from the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Customs Service, Colonel Hamid Ibrahim Ali (retired) and his management team.”

Kadejo also reiterated that the federal government’s policy on border closures still applies in Banana in Niger State, stressing that everything they do is supported by the Customs and Excise Administration Act Cap C45 LFN 2004 as amended.

While reassuring the officers and men of an improved care package, he indicated that the leadership would continue to combat smuggling with renewed vigor and determination.

Niger/Kogi Customs Command seized smuggled goods worth N165 million

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