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Nigeria does not suffer from a lack of food – Minister of Agriculture

The Minister of Agriculture, Mohamed Mohamud, has debunked insinuations that Nigeria may face food shortages due to the flood situation that has hit a number of states in the country.

However, he admitted that inflation was taking a toll on the country and that it was no stranger to Nigeria alone.

Mahmoud made the clarification on Wednesday, after the weekly meeting of the Federal Executive Council chaired by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

His words, “Yes, I have said it over and over. Currently, we have no shortage of food, there is no shortage of food. High prices on some commodities, inflation, yes, is the same now, almost everywhere around the world, for various reasons.

“It’s still a post-COVID impact, as supply chains haven’t fully opened up. Climate change is an issue. And current Ukraine, the Russian war, there are a number of things. Different countries are addressing it based on their specifics but at the moment it is a global phenomenon.”

He said the Nigerian government is not content with oars to tackle the situation.

“I also mentioned, that one of the things is to make sure, first of all, that there is food in the country, supply and demand. That is why we make sure that we will do the farming in the dry season. We know that a lot of farmland is flooded and some crops will be lost from The rainy season.

According to him, the President, Muhammad Bukhari is behind the 100% increase in food production and it will be done.

“So I assure you once again that there will be no shortage of food, we are working to bring down inflation,” he said. “Another note that was approved about three weeks ago at the Farm Gate price.

“Farm Gate pricing is the situation where middlemen and even foreigners go to the point of harvesting and buying, and we prevented that because it increases the amount of produce in the market and also reduces the intake of the farmer himself. So we stopped that and many other things.”

Nigeria does not suffer from a lack of food – Minister of Agriculture

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