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Nigeria’s non-oil exports will reach $4.8 billion in 2022

On Friday, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council revealed that Nigerian non-oil exports increased to $4.820 billion, representing a growth of 39.91 percent in 2022.

From a perspective perspective, NEPC explained that semi-finished products (processed products) accounted for 36.61 percent of exports outperforming agriculture with 30.12 percent of non-oil export volume; In contrast, precious stones accounted for 17.06 percent and other 13.21 percent.

This was stated by the Executive Director/CEO of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Ezra Yokosak, during the 2022 Non-oil Export Performance of the Year Presentation in Abuja.

Yokosak stated that around 221 products were traded as exports in the period under review.

He said, “Among these exported products, urea/fertilizers topped the list with 32.87 percent.

The emergence of fertilizer (urea) as the top exported product in 2022 can be attributed to the Russian-Ukrainian war, which created a way for Nigerian fertilizer (urea) to flourish.

“It is worth noting that our products have been shipped (exported) to 122 countries, with Brazil having the highest import value at 12.27 percent.”

Nigeria’s non-oil exports will reach $4.8 billion in 2022

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