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Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer responds as FG adjusts terrorism charges against IPOB leader

Aloy Ijimakure, Special Adviser to Nnamdi Kanu, Indigenous Leader of Biafra, IPOB, insisted that no charges be brought against his client.

Ejimacore was responding to the federal government’s amended charges against Kano.

On Friday, the Nigerian government amended the seven-counter terrorism charge against the leader of the AOP group.

The federal government said in a radio broadcast that Kanu had issued a mortal threat that anyone violating the IPOB’s home sit-in order in the Southeast must write his or her will.

The government alleged that in 2018, Kanu broadcast a number of radio stations that incited its members to kill security personnel and their families.

In response, Ejimacore criticized the federal government for the recycling fee against Kano.

In a series of tweets, Ejimacore said that with the extraordinary rendition and rulings of the Abuja Court of Appeal and the Federal Supreme Court in Umoahia, charges against Kano cannot continue.

He wrote: “The issue is not with the recycling fee. Any prosecutor can frolic and have fun with the charges, but with the extraordinary rendition, as well as the Abuja and Umoaha rulings, no charges whatsoever against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Never!

“The Presidency should know that the moratorium granted by the Court of Appeal did not halt compliance with the 2018 Continental Court decision, the UN advisory opinion and the ruling of the Umuahia Federal Supreme Court, all of which upheld the release of Mazzi Nnamdi Kanu from custody. New charges.”

Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer responds as FG adjusts terrorism charges against IPOB leader

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