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No More Coup in Nigeria – Chief of Defense Irapur

The Chief of the Defense Staff, General Lucky Erabur, assured the citizens on Sunday that there would be no more coups in Nigeria.

Arapour also said that the armed forces will work with the police to provide security during the general elections.

The Defense Minister gave assurances to reporters at the National Arcade, Abuja, at the end of Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2023.

Democracy is here to stay. He added that government of the people, by the people and for the people has come to stay.

Irapur revealed that he was discussing with the Inspector General of Police work on measures on election security.

“We have taken emergency measures if we are asked to provide support to the police during the conduct of the elections,” she added.

In his remark, AGB Usman Baba sympathized with the families of the deceased officers and men of the army, police and other paramilitary agencies.

Baba advised Nigerians to ensure that their sacrifices are not in vain “because we are campaigning that will continuously promote peace, unity and peaceful coexistence”.

No More Coup in Nigeria – Chief of Defense Irapur

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