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No one can stop the elections in the Southeast – Biafra group

Biafra’s indigenous youth wing, IPOB, said the elections would be held in the southeastern region.

The group’s position came against a previous statement by Simon Ekpa, who resides in Finland.

IPOB Youth Wing Leader, Comrade Ndubuzi Igwekani, also known as Agu Biafra, told reporters in Enugu on Tuesday that the Biafra group will not interfere in the electoral process, assuring that the will of Nigerian youth will be respected.

“It was the Nigerians who took Peter Obi out, and their aim is real, which is to take back Nigeria.

“If they choose Peter Obi, Southeast can’t be a stumbling block. We can’t be considered a problem.”

Igwekani urged Ikpa to withdraw any order against holding peaceful elections in the southeast if he was really in the fight.

He revealed the formation of a committee to monitor the security situation in the southeastern countries of the country to determine those responsible for the killings.

We will also establish a security network to monitor its activities to ensure that all criminals hiding in the shadow of Biafra’s struggle to commit crimes are caught and handed over to security agents.

If Simon Ikpa is on our side, if he really is fighting for freedom and showing that he is not part of the killings in the Southeast, then he should withdraw the orders against elections in the South.

“Enough bloodshed in the southeast. We want to know who is behind the killing and expose them.”

We cannot allow the killings to continue in the name of the Biafra struggle. The struggle to liberate our people, not to kill them.

We also warn the government that Nnamdi Kanu should be released before the elections. A man who came to save his people was arrested. He must be released.

We are having conversations with real God-men, real traditional rulers and real politicians to make sure nothing happens to the IPOB leader. He warned that it would not bode well for this country if anything were to happen to it.

No one can stop the elections in the Southeast – Biafra group

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