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NULGE members are protesting in Oyo, demanding LG autonomy

Members of the National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) in Oyo state have called on state stakeholders to support local government autonomy.

Local government employees made the revelations during a protest demanding local government autonomy in Ibadan on Thursday.

The Daily Post has gathered that the call for local government autonomy has been going on for several years and it was in their conversation about the demands made to the Speaker of the State House of Representatives, Adepo Ogundwin.

Some of the demands include the financial, administrative and political autonomy of the local government.

The federation noted that this would create unhindered access to local government funds for grassroots development.

Nelj state president Ayubame Adiogun, speaking on behalf of his colleagues, rebuked some governors over what he described as an usurpation of power.

He asserted that the Nigerian Constitution guarantees three levels of government and that Oyo State should support local government autonomy.

He added that local government, being one of the levels, should not be attached to the state under the guise of any common appropriation account.

Adeogun also advised state assembly members to support this vision.

“We believe that Oyo being the state on the path to take off should be part of this history for being among the states that voted to support a bill to amend the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Oyo State must uphold this financial, administrative and political independence, as this is the only way local government can be truly independent and recognized as the third level of government.

Legislators must support this vision if they want to be on the side of history as honorary members. The confidence we place in our legislators must be vindicated at this point. They must remember that they came to us to ask for our votes to give them the mandate they are running.”

NULGE members are protesting in Oyo, demanding LG autonomy

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