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OBE: By your charm – Reverend Eninch deals with picket-instigators in the house in the east

The Rev. Paul Eninch, senior pastor of the Dunamis International Gospel Center, expressed outrage at the decision by some agitators in the Southeast to force the sit-in on Election Day.

Remember that Simon Ekpa, the acclaimed disciple of the indigenous people of Biafra, the leader of the IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu vowed not to hold elections in the Southeast.

Ikpa, which is currently being investigated by the Finnish government, has vowed to ensure the sit-at-home enforcement across the region on Saturday to stop the presidential election.

Angered by the development, Enenche asked in a video broadcast before the election why agitators who complained of marginalization would act against the candidacy of a son from their land.

The Labor Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, who is one of the main contenders for the top office in the country, hails from the southeast of Anambra State specifically.

Eninshi, who declared his support for Obi, urged the agitators to remain calm and allow the elections to take place without violence.

He said: This goes to the youth and agitators in the southeast. What is this mentality? The whole world is advertising for your countryman to become the next president of Nigeria and you are busy antagonizing and trying to thwart the voting process in your district.

“You cry out for marginalization in Nigeria and the opportunity is offered by a Nigerian chief from the southeast or an Igbo man and you fight back.

“If the devil is upon you, then you are also upon yourselves. Who bewitched you? Are you paying to bring destruction and frustration to your people in the name of passions? Those who lead you, do not love your people.

“Don’t waste your life and don’t waste your future for nothing. Calm down. Peace is still in the Southeast.”

OBE: By your charm – Reverend Eninch deals with picket-instigators in the house in the east

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