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Observers announce a plan for state elections after the presidential elections

The Obedience Worker Movement for the nomination of Peter Opie, Labor Party presidential candidate, has unveiled its plan for the March 11 state elections.

The commission announced that it would sponsor candidates for governor and the House of Representatives in states and constituencies where there is no party standard-bearer.

Representatives of the movement led by Valentin Ozigbo, Obi’s Special Adviser on Technology and Strategic Alliances, spoke at a news conference in Abuja.

Ozigbo revealed that they were monitoring the behavior of the candidates in the states ahead of the presidential elections and would announce their support for “those working for a new Nigeria”.

He said that “the slave movement will consult with stakeholders across the country to announce candidates for governor and rally in states where there are no Labor candidates.”

The selection will take into account their track records as honest citizens, their dedication to the welfare of the people, their conformity with values ​​and principles, as well as general support for the Obi.

Regarding LP’s willingness to win the February 25 ballot, Ozegbo hinted that the party is “leveraging on technology, the strength of youth, and the brilliance of Peter Obi’s candidacy”.

Anambra State Candidate 2021 said that with the right leadership and good governance, Nigeria can realize its full potential and become a prosperous and prosperous country.

Ozigbo stressed that Obi and his supporters, like all citizens of good will, want peaceful presidential elections that are free, fair and transparent.

The movement charged voters to “go out and exercise their civic responsibility on the Sabbath and be free to vote for whoever they want.”

Observers announce a plan for state elections after the presidential elections

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