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Ogun 2023: APC supporters join the Labor Party in Abeokuta South

More than 100 members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Wednesday joined the Labor Party (LP) in South Abeokuta Local Government Area of ​​Ogun State.

The decampees were received into the LP by the state executive led by its chairman, Michael Asade, and the LP candidate in the Abeokuta South federal constituency, Tolulope Philips, in Abeokuta, the state capital.

Speaking after receiving the Workers’ Party flag, the party’s leader, Ajibola Ulugbola, said, “The APC has failed to live up to our aspirations and expectations, hence the determination to seek better treatment elsewhere.”

He explained that they joined the party because they believed that the Labor Party would give them the fruits of democracy, stressing that they had made their decision after meeting with the party’s candidate in southern Abeokuta.

His words: “We joined the Labor Party because of Phillip’s Tolulup. He is trustworthy. We trust the Labor Party and that is why we joined the Party, and we believe we will gain from democracy.”

But he urged the party leadership to ensure they were given their due.

Welcoming the deportees, Achadi said the Liberal Party is one family, saying the welfare of every member is of paramount importance to the party’s leadership.

The Labor Party is a family party and we are united as one. We are pleased to welcome you to our area. We need a party that makes us bond as a family and that’s what we stand for.”

So he reassured the crowds of equal treatment with those they met at the party.

Southern Federal Constituency candidate Abeokuta Philip in his remarks expressed his happiness at welcoming more people to the party.

Philip, who described himself as a mass-oriented person, said the junkies would get another chance at life in the Labor Party.

He questioned why the government at all levels had failed to provide basic facilities to the people, stressing that he would always sit down with the people to know their challenges, if he was elected.

His words: “I’m glad you’re joining us. I’ll sit with you and know what you want. I’m not a politician, but I’m a person who loves people and makes them happy.”

It is time for us to play people-oriented politics. I assure you, I will not abandon you.

“The people are not voting for the party this time, it is personal. I wonder why our government cannot provide basic amenities to the people. I assure you that the Labor Party will succeed if you vote for us.”

Ogun 2023: APC supporters join the Labor Party in Abeokuta South

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