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Ogun: A Yahoo boy kills his girlfriend for refusing to transfer fraud proceeds

The 27-year-old suspected internet scammer, known as Yahoo boy Opita Jun, allegedly murdered his girlfriend Eduu Buhari over allegations that she refused to turn him in, a scam paid into the girl’s account by the victim.

The victim, a student of HND 1 Mass Communication, Gateway Polytechnic Saapade, Ogun State, was reportedly beaten to death by the suspect.

Abimbola Oyemi, Ogun State Police Spokesperson, Abimbola Oyemi, said the suspect was arrested on Tuesday after receiving a distress call at Audi Remo squad headquarters.

The police were informed that the suspect, a resident of Mugupad compound Eridu Eshara, locked his door and started beating the girl and banging her head against a wall.

The daily share learned that the neighbors’ efforts to persuade him to open the door were unsuccessful.

Upon the distress call, Audi Remo Police Department Operations Director CSP Fasogbon Olayemi said, Olayemi quickly led his officers to the scene, “where they met the victim in a pool of her blood after forcing the door open.”

The police took the victim to Ishara Government Hospital, where the doctor on duty pronounced her dead.

The suspect, who was said to be an Aboriginal from Enugu state, is now in police custody.

“Upon interrogation, the suspect informed the police that he was an internet fraudster and that a certain amount of money from one of his clients had been paid into the account of his deceased girlfriend who refused to give it up to him,” Oyemi explained.

The suspect was quoted as saying that the fight over said money eventually led to the death of the girl.

On the other hand, Ogun State Police Commissioner Lanre Bankole ordered the transfer of the suspect to the State Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation and prosecution by the homicide team.

Ogun: A Yahoo boy kills his girlfriend for refusing to transfer fraud proceeds

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