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Ogun: Riders invade the town of Ibukia and exhume 40 skulls from the graves

Some as yet unidentified ritualists invaded the Ipokia community in the Ipokia Local Government Area in Ogun State, exhuming at least 40 skulls from the graves.

The Daily Post has learned that the ritual is usually performed at night when people have to go to sleep.

In different parts of the city, they are said to have dug up graves to extract skulls and other human parts.

Sources from the community told our correspondent that the ritual men started working about two months ago and succeeded in getting rid of dozens of dry human heads.

Our correspondent confirmed that no one has been arrested since the exhumation began in Ibuquea.

Being the headquarters of the local government in Ipoquea, the Old Town is said to host the headquarters of the Police Squad, an office of the Department of State Services (DSS), an office of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), So-Safe Corps, Amotekun Corps and others.

However, residents of Ipoquea said none of the security agencies had devised any means of tracking down those behind the removal of skulls from graves in the city.

They infiltrate people’s compounds, dig up the grave and remove the skull and any other parts they need. They’ll do it in a way that residents won’t wake up to know there’s anything going on around them. You will wake up in the morning to see that the grave in your compound has been excavated and the skull removed. “But no one has been arrested for two months when this aberration started,” a source said.

Speaking to our reporter, an Ibukiah elder, Prince Samuel Adeyemi, said two bodies were dug up in his compound on Friday, and he lamented that no one had done anything to stop this work.

Adeyemi said that the “skull reapers” became more and more desperate in their attempt to steal as many skulls as possible from the tombs of Ipoquea for reasons known to them.

Al-Muguloud said he reported the incident to the police, urging the concerned authorities to act quickly and bring the perpetrators to trial.

“The dead bodies are no longer safe in Ipokia because some people want to get rich overnight. Please help us,” he lamented.

Contacted, Ogun State Police spokesperson Abiola Oyemi said he had not yet been briefed on the incident and promised to contact an Ipokia County Police Officer (DPO) for details.

Ogun: Riders invade the town of Ibukia and exhume 40 skulls from the graves

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