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Ogun surveyors warned against the sharp practices

Surveyors in Ogun state have been warned to avoid harsh practices that could discredit the profession.

Management accounting expert Dr Gbenga Adeoye charged professional surveyors with the need for integrity and the avoidance of self-interest.

In the first edition of the Kunle Olubode Lecture Series and its interactive sessions, Adeoye charged that surveyors said, “We need to see how we can eliminate self-interest, as one of the things that competes with integrity.”

In a lecture titled “Integrity in Real Estate Transactions: The Missing Link Between Old and New Professionals,” Adewi called for reconnecting young professionals and veterans.

“We should all call back the seniors who have come forward and ask them what they should do when we are faced with certain situations in the sector,” he said.

Reading the riot of those who engage in severe practices, the President of the Nigerian Institution of Land Surveyors of Ogun State, Wali Ojo, emphasized that any professional surveyor who engages in any unethical behavior may have their license revoked.

Ojo confirmed that the foundation has set up a committee to sterilize the profession and rid it of erring members involved in severe practices, saying that there will be appropriate penalties for anyone found to be desirous of doing so.

Speaking of the penalties imposed on these members, he said that many in the state were punished for violating international ethics and codes of conduct.

People were forced to cancel their licences [due to] Ojo said.

He boasted that no cases had been brought before the committee in the previous two years, saying that this indicated that everyone was doing their work according to the established rules.

The chairman emphasized that the contributions of surveyors to the country’s GDP could not be underestimated.

He pointed out that with the development of new cities due to the increasing population, the skills of real estate surveyors and appraisers are indispensable.

Ogun surveyors warned against the sharp practices

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