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Ogun’s female students demanded that they start using headscarves

School girls in Ogun state have been asked to start covering their heads with headscarves in public schools.

This call was made by the League of Imams and Alfas-Ogun State, during its December meeting held in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State.

The clergy asked all female Muslim students in Ogun to start using headscarves in public schools in the country.

They said the announcement came after a recent meeting they had with the state government about the need for their children to wear headscarves over their school uniforms in government-owned schools.

In a statement signed by its Secretary-General, Sheikh Tajuddin Adeunmi, following Tuesday’s meeting, the Islamic leaders said that the start of wearing the hijab begins on January 9, 2023, when female students resume their second term.

They explained that “Only willing and willing Muslim female students can adorn a shoulder-length white veil when resuming the second session of the academic session 2022/2023 on Monday 9 January 2023 and from now on without any fear of harassment or punishment.”

The statement reads in part that “many Muslim female students in Nigeria, and Ogun State in particular, continue to unnecessarily bring up numerous protracted cases of violations of their rights in their pursuit of practicing their religion, particularly with regard to the use of headscarves in schools.”

“However, all doubts or controversies on this issue have been dispelled by the decision of the judges of the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which reaffirmed the rights of Muslim students in Nigerian schools to use the headscarf as they wish.

“It must also be recorded that many agencies of the Ogun State Government have always expressed that there is no law whatsoever forbidding Muslim female students from wearing hijabs despite the fact that Muslim female students who wear hijabs have always been beaten, embarrassed and/or humiliated in many ways. over the years.

“The rights and freedoms given by God and also guaranteed by the law of the land do not require any formality or consent.”

The Clergy Association has appealed to the state government to warn teachers and school heads to stop depriving Muslim female students of their human rights and to accept approval of the wearing of headscarves in schools.

“We ask the state government to warn religiously zealous and intolerant individuals among school administrators, teachers and others who may wish to take laws into their own hands by blocking Muslim students who wish to express their basic human rights.

“The Muslim community has noted intolerance and contempt by non-Muslim teachers and school heads against Muslim students on this issue, which includes (but is not limited to) harassment, physical abuse, and many forms of harassment.

Tolerance has hitherto been taken for granted by Muslims and the Muslim community will not hesitate to take necessary action against any individual who could thwart the desire and efforts to exercise the rights of any Muslim in any shape or form. warned.

Ogun’s female students demanded that they start using headscarves

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