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Oil theft: HURIWA commends NNPC for revelation, makes new demands

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria has urged Horewa, Group Managing Director at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to name and expose the crude oil thieves:

The group commended GMD Alhaji Mele Kyari’s apparent intent to provide full disclosure of information available to his office regarding those subverting the economy inside and outside the government and security forces by committing diversion and outright theft of the vast crude oil resources of the Niger Delta oil. productive societies.

The rights group stated that millions of Nigerians look to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to ensure that those who engage in the theft of Nigerian crude oil resources are prosecuted to a logical conclusion and that the stolen crude oil and assets traceable to these economic vandals were appropriated by the Government of Nigeria on behalf of the good people of Nigeria .

HURIWA National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onubiko, in a statement, has asked the Federal Government to set up an independent team of forensic crude oil auditors to conduct an investigation and make their findings public within one month.

The group said that the formation of independent forensic investigators by President Muhammadu Buhari will mean that the federal government is determined to address the many cases and discoveries raised by Kyari.

Hiriwa urged the President to personally ensure that the life of the NNPC’s GMD who is being threatened by crude oil thieves is protected so that Nigerians can reap the benefits of the exemplary character of the NNPC’s GMD in this case to expose the gangs that divert and steal crude oil resources which is a business It directly aims to destroy the economic pillar of the country.

Under his auspices, Kyari has engaged private security firms to rid the Niger Delta of oil theft after the failure of the military and alleged collusion with refueling actors. Kyari also recently lamented the wave of oil theft in the country, saying those who engage in the act are using technology to lay pipelines.

Kyari also alleged threats to his life after he said NNPC uncovered an illegal oil connection from the Forcados terminal that has been in operation for nine years, with about 600,000 barrels per day of oil lost in the same period.

Likewise, a former militant leader, Government of Ikbimebolo, popularly known as Tombolo, said that around 58 illegal oil points have been discovered since the start of the process to end oil theft on the waterways of Delta and Bayelsa states. The Nigerian Army also burned a ship that was arrested by Tombolo’s security company, with the destruction defended without investigation or arrest.

Commenting on this, Onwubiko of HURIWA said: “The all-out war on crude oil theft declared by GMD to NNPC and the threats to his life by crude oil robbers could be an indication that his hands may be free from accusations of conspiracy.

“From the available indications, Kyari has so far provided deep insights into the methods adopted by crude oil thieves, real tools for the federal government to use as a valid reason for setting up an independent team of forensic crude oil robbers auditors with extensive mandates.

“The team should have a one-month timeframe to conduct the investigation and publicly announce their findings by naming individuals within government, military, and other implicated departments.”

Oil theft: HURIWA commends NNPC for revelation, makes new demands

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