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Olanipekun is seeking government interest for the courtrooms

The Chair of the Bench Authority, President Wole Olanibekon, has called on SAN to urgently intervene in the courtroom situation in Nigeria.

Olanipekon appealed to the various governments throughout the country, as well as all men of good will, saying “we must pay attention to the deteriorating condition of courtrooms, court facilities and fixtures in most parts of the country”.

Olanipekon made the remarks in Ikere-Ekiti, his home at the commissioning of the ultra-modern courthouse, which was built and donated to the Ekiti State High Court, Ikere Judicial District, yesterday.

According to the legal officer: “The walls and ceilings of a large number of our courtrooms are crumbling and collapsing. Basic facilities such as toilets are not available in a large number of courts across the country.

A typical or average courtroom setting, Olanipekun said, should reflect an atmosphere of learning that judges and lawyers share and are known for, rather than being rude.

“I venture to say that a good courtroom with modern facilities will attract the confidence of the litigants in our judicial system.

He said, “If we continue to fail, our refusal and our neglect of the preservation of justice, then justice may in turn refuse to organize us, and in the end abandon us.”

While praising President Olanibekon for the donation, the Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Biodun Uybangi said this is further evidence of his commitment to giving back to the legal profession as he made his mark as a distinguished member of the Bar and Council.

“Therefore, I invite all indigenous people of Ekiti around the world to emulate this act of generous giving,” said Governor Uibangi.

Olanipekun is seeking government interest for the courtrooms

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