Olukoya and his wife from MFM Melt Hearts at their 33rd wedding anniversary dance.

Dr. Daniel Olquia, General Superintendent of the Mountain Fire Ministry (MFM), and his wife, Shade, enliven hearts with their sweet dance in celebration of their 33rd wedding anniversary.

According to reports, the couple just posted a video on social media of them dancing in joy while onlookers cheered them on.

The viral video was created with the caption “How we celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary as a family.” Psalm 133. What a blessing it is for brothers to live in harmony! It is like precious oil that is poured on the head and drips on the beard, on the beard of Aaron and on the collar of his robe.

Since then, netizens have responded positively to the video.

“I was smiling the whole time I was watching this, God is good.” Lots of happy times, mom and dad.” Wunmi wrote.

“Wow love this, happy celebration,” per Jesus & rsquo; Name, Amen, I wish you all many many years to celebrate.” One Ivy wrote.

One prayed “We wish you many more glorious years together in good health and sound mind, God’s unending favor, and increased unction to do more for God’s glory in dear Jesus Christ Name, amen.”

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