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Ondo: Corrupting the JTF bunkering syndicate, burning boats loaded with crude oil

The Joint Military Special Forces on Tuesday busted a cartel that was stealing crude oil from Chevron/NNBC rigs on the high seas off the coast of Ondo State.

High Chief Bibopere Ajube, one of the leading operatives for the development of the Niger Delta, has led the Joint Military Special Forces across the streams with his men from Galaxy Security Services and tracked down Syndicate refueling positions within elephant turf.

With Ajube pivoting, two monstrous boats that were used in illegal union operations were found at various locations as they were hidden inside hanging raft houses at Awoye Island Settlement, in Ilaje Local Government Area of ​​Ondo State.

It was gathered that the team was able to locate oil rigs in the Atlantic I Ilaje local government area, where the cartel was illegally siphoning crude oil.

When they got to the rigs marked CNL/NNPC JKT 1, CNL/NNPC JKT 2, CNL/NNPC JKT 9 and CNL/NNPC JKT 12, they saw that the metal mounts of the rigs were noticeably soaked in crude oil leaking from the hose the union was using. .

After returning from the sea, the team towed the two giant boats from the Awoye community to a safe area and burned them along with the contents inside.

While deploring the activities of the fueling union, Ajube who said that this act had undermined the country’s economy stressed that “we are making efforts to stop fueling in our state and in the Niger Delta as a whole, although this is tedious and requires a lot of money.” Which needs to be done in terms of refueling the boats and staying in the water for several hours to check the culprits.

“It is a pity that people are engaged in refueling, a development that has greatly reduced the country’s profits and forced the government to borrow.

“On this discovery, we will have to inform the appropriate authorities of the drilling rigs with the aim of preventing the perpetrators from continuing their illegal activities.”

Ondo: Corrupting the JTF bunkering syndicate, burning boats loaded with crude oil

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