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Ondo residents applaud Supreme Court ruling, knock on CBN, Emefiele

After the naira redesign policy was overturned by the Supreme Court, residents of Ondo state described the ruling as soothing.

According to some residents who have made up their minds about the development, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emifiele, should apologize to Nigerians for the horrific hardships they have gone through in the past months.

Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts at Adekunle Ajasin University, Dr Gbenga Abimbola, said the ruling was in the interest of Nigerians who sleep and wait endlessly in banks.

Abimbola said: “This is a wonderful ruling. It is expected by some of us even though some people have thought that the federal government, through CBN, would have its way.

The truth is that this policy is good policy. To change a note is good, to go cashless is good. But the way the federal government introduced it through the policy was questionable.

“Those who accused CBN of being political about this policy are now justified because how on earth can you say that because you want to change the naira note and you told us it will start on December 15th, the new note will trade and coexist with the old one until January 31st, less From two months?It is not done anywhere.

Even after December 15, CBN did not inject the new currency into circulation. People went to the bank, and they still received the old currency. After the 31st, CBN only extended it for ten days. Many Nigerians still have the old fiat currency.

People have surrounded the bank, and neither the old nor the new is available to them. With the Supreme Court ruling, I think banks will now open their coffers and start letting people spend.”

Also, a civil servant in the Ondo State government, Dabo Olawale, stated that there should be compensation for the severe pains that Nigerians were led to take in this policy, which he termed “murder”.

Olawale said the policy, which was supposed to have a positive impact on the economy, has dealt a fatal blow to Nigerians’ businesses.

Ondo residents applaud Supreme Court ruling, knock on CBN, Emefiele

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