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Ortom accuses the Christians of keeping company with one another

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom has charged Christians in the state to maintain close fellowship with one another to strengthen their faith in serving God with a clear focus on achieving righteousness.

He made the accusation on Monday, January 2nd, 2023 at the annual “brothers” prayer and praise meeting with the subject; “Engaging the Next Generation” held at Grace Church, Benue People’s House, Makurdi.

Governor Ortom, who delivered a keynote address titled “Occupying Public Space,” noted that working together to support one another will provide Christians with an opportunity to be “productive and fruitful” while serving God.

The governor described the topic of the two-day retreat, an annual program of the Christian body, as “convenient and appropriate,” stressing that the “involvement of the next generation” of taking over the older generation should be taken seriously.

According to Governor Ortom, “The next generation is not an easy task to face. Their interests, endeavors and desires are completely different but we must bring them back to God and to righteousness.”

To achieve the goal, he said, “requires prayer, evangelical work, and exemplary conduct” to which the “brothers” have so laudably undertook to ensure that they leave a lasting legacy.

The ruler demanded that Christians holding public office, whether politicians, clergymen, or businessmen, always act in the fear of God by adhering to the virtues of obedience, love, honesty, justice, fairness, and fairness.

Brothers President Joseph Antio has stated in his previous remarks that the group’s “call to prayer and praise” has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration for the members, noting that this year’s program stands out because it was the last with Ortom as Governor of Benue State.

As a teenager, Antio said, the brethren received Christ without having dignitaries to guide them in life, noting that this year’s program was intended to ensure that members would leave to youth the divine spiritual principles they had been taught.

In his letter, evangelist Sunday Oguchi, who spoke on the theme of, “Minister, Rise Up, and Distinguish: Follow God’s Successful Men,” warns that those who have adopted cheating as a way of life will not find approval in God’s eyes to live a successful life.

Ortom accuses the Christians of keeping company with one another

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