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Osun: Mixed reactions follow Governor Adeleke’s executive orders

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, the Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, in his inaugural address, sought the consent of the people to issue six Executive Orders.

Adeleke, who had just taken the oath of allegiance as governor, stated that the orders were a means that would help him get down to earth in the administration of the state.

For many, the executive orders did not come as a surprise.

However, for others, it was a shock that the state had not ruled with such orders in the 31 years of its existence.

Many do not understand what an executive order is.

Although the governor did not need the approval of the Osun State Assembly to issue the executive orders, he still longed for the indulgence of the people to provide them.

Adeleke’s Executive Orders

The first working day of the new administration saw Adeleke sign the orders thus giving her power. The requests are:

Executive Order No. 1 State Bank Accounts ordered the immediate freezing of all government accounts at all banks and other financial institutions.

Executive Order No. 2 on Personnel Audit instructing all Heads of Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Committees, Boards and Parastatal Institutions of the Osun State Government to conduct an immediate staff audit on the actual number of Government Workers in their various Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Commissions, Councils and Parastatal Institutions, effective from July 17, 2022, and submit a report to the Office of the Chief of Staff to the Governor stating full details and position/designation for each of the employees on the assigned list, within 7 working days of the date of this Executive Order using the attached Fidelity Oath form.

Executive Order No. 3 on Employment, which ordered the abolition of all positions in the service of the Osun State Government in any capacity and in any capacity in all ministries, departments, agencies, committees, boards and quasi-governmental bodies after July 17, 2022. .

Executive Order No. 4 on Appointments, which ordered the revocation of all appointments in the service of the Osun State Government in any capacity in all ministries, departments, agencies, committees, boards and quasi-governmental bodies after July 17, 2022.

Executive Order No. 5 on Chiefs Affairs and Appointment of Traditional Rulers, by which it was ordered that all appointments of traditional rulers conducted by the Osun State Government be reviewed after July 17, 2022, to ensure strict compliance with due process due to leadership. Declarations, indigenous law, custom and traditions related to these chieftains. In the case of Ikirun, Iree and Igbajo, to avoid a further breakdown of law and order, the Akinrun appointments of Ikinrun, Aree of Ire and Owa of Igbajo are hereby suspended pending review.

Subsequently, the palaces of Akinron of Ikiron, Ari of Eri and Awa of Igbago shall remain empty, while the security services are hereby required to take over.

Executive Order No. 6 establishing the review committees in line with Executive Orders Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 5 already issued by the governor.


As might be expected, reactions to the issuance of the executive order were swift, particularly with regard to the annulment of previous appointments to the state civil service, the rescinding of the appointments of 30 permanent secretaries and the suspension of the installation process of Akinron Ikiron, Ari-Of. Iree and Owa from Igbajo and ordered the security services to occupy their palaces.

The executive orders also sought to change the state from Osun State to Osun State and the naming from the State of Virtue to the State of Living Spring.

The reactions of the country’s citizens were mixed. The Osun State Assembly took the lead when it said it would keep the designation: State of Virtue instead of State of Living Spring promulgated by the Governor.

She stated that the issue of changing the name as a judicial matter, and that she would take into account the status quo.

government response

The Osun State government responded by quickly opening all review committees within days. The government has also debunked the news that it has fired all newly hired teachers and healthcare workers.

It also denied dismissing any traditional ruler.

Meanwhile, since the committees have not submitted their reports yet, the citizens of the country are eagerly awaiting the results of the various committee sessions.

Osun: Mixed reactions follow Governor Adeleke’s executive orders

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