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Osun Police vow to make the state unsafe for criminals, and review 29 suspects

Police Commissioner, Osun State Police Command, Vale Sunday Olali reiterated the leadership’s assertion of making the state unsafe for criminals and unscrupulous elements.

Olaleye announced this at a presentation of suspected criminals at the police headquarters in Osogbo on Thursday.

Among the suspects brought before the police were those arrested for conspiracy, theft, a case of conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace and spreading false information, armed robbery, murder, car theft, fraud, obtaining money under a false pretense, and those arrested during Police raids. caches across the state.

He said the items recovered from the suspects by the police included three axes, three swords, a Danish pistol, one catapult, homemade bullets and criminal magic.

Other exhibits included a Sienna with registration number RBC999BQ, a burnt audio CD, a Ford Ranger pickup truck with registration number KJA914YA, a homemade handgun, love cartridges, a red Bajaj motorcycle, one partner’s phone, a Tecno cell phone and a 2006 Toyota Corolla With registration number GGC990CY.

The arrested suspects are Babatunde Ibrahim, 23-year-old male, Babalola Adebayo, 24-year-old male, Nachi James, 24-year-old male who were arrested for conspiracy and theft, Otitogo Omunyi, 41-year-old male and Adewale Oni, 43-year-old male who were arrested in a case of conduct likely to cause breach of peace and spreading false information and Adigun Popoola, male, 35 years old who was arrested for theft.

Salami Fatai, a 25-year-old male, and Ogondebe Caroline, a 22-year-old female, were arrested on charges of armed robbery, while Adepogo Sodik, a 27-year-old male, Wasio Olalikan, a 24-year-old male, and Rashid Kamal, a 28-year-old male, were arrested on charges of armed robbery. Conspiracy and armed robbery.

“Fesomade Abiodun, male, 26 years old, Jaafar Obali Ibrahim, male, 30 years old, Adekunle Orisunmibola, male, 40 years old and Aziz Famorio, male, 41 years old were arrested on charges of armed robbery, murder, car theft, fraud, theft and obtaining money under a false pretense.” .

Others arrested as a result of police raids of suspected criminal hideouts across the state include: Oguniran Franmi, male, 15 years old, Olainka Damlola, 16-year-old male, Olaposepo Aviz, male, 16 years old, Ayodeje Samsun, 17-year-old male, Adigoke your death. , male, 15 years old, Babatunde Iomide, male, 16 years old, Bolatito Sunday, male, 17 years old.

The others are Olabi Hamid, male, 18 years old, Vali Olikan, male, 15 years old, Adigbury Joseph, male, 22 years old, Motiu Hamed, male, 19 years old, Jed Dare, male, 22 years old, Polarinoa Lukman, male, 27 years old and Ismail Al-Olaykan, 33 years old.

When Olaleye warned criminally minded individuals to rethink before embarking on any criminal activity, he revealed that the long arms of the law would surely catch up with them.

He also reassured the people of Osun of his earlier promise to make the country a haven of peace.

Osun Police vow to make the state unsafe for criminals, and review 29 suspects

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