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Osun: We will remain responsive and responsible in 2023 – Governor Adeleke

Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke has promised that his administration will remain responsive and accountable as the state moves to reposition for higher altitudes in 2023.

This also revealed to the citizens of Osun that his administration had laid a solid foundation for sustainable governance and opened up state finances to the public with a spirit of accountability.

This assertion was included in Governor Adeleke’s New Year’s address to the citizens of the state.

While promising to reform several sectors to prevent revenue leakage and stop diversion of state assets, Adeleke revealed that the repositioning of the civil service for professionalism is also ongoing, adding that urgent status matters are being taken care of to restore normal life and bring people together for good governance.

The governor also revealed a strong working relationship between his department and other arms of government.

He explained that a common understanding was reached to put the interest of the state at the forefront of the measures he intends to take.

In his words, “We have come to a common understanding to put the interest of the state at the forefront of everything we do. Joint effort, mutual support and effective governance are hallmarks that have been accepted by all as a path to progress in the interest of the state.”

“Within the same month, our administration is focused on implementing the first 100 days in the office program. I have visited many schools, health centers, and other public infrastructure. These inspections have strengthened the pre-election data. We are ready to deliver the first 100 days in the office program, Which covers areas such as providing water, rehabilitating schools and health centers, rehabilitating roads, and introducing technical innovations for the digital economy.

“Our good people in Osun State, our administration has a rolling plan of 100 days, six months and one year followed by results in subsequent years. I have also put together a monitoring and evaluation team. By the end of our first 100 days in office, we will be hosting the first edition of our Public Accountability Forum titled” Ipade Imole. We shall meet you, good people of Osun State, and keep you informed of the journey so far.”

The governor, who had sought the support of the state’s indigenous people at home and abroad, reaffirmed that his administration was committed to ensuring people-based development.

He revealed that his government’s vision included inaugurating technology-driven agro-industrial growth and a plan to address the infrastructure deficit through a cost-effective, home-based and labour-intensive programme.

While recalling that the state recorded eventful developments in the past year, he added that despite the tension, major elections, and the transition from one political party to another, the state moved bravely and became stronger with the support and goodwill of the people.

Osun: We will remain responsive and responsible in 2023 – Governor Adeleke

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