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Oyo 2023: Tories indebted to workers committed crimes against humanity – Entente candidate, Adlabo

Any governor who condemns workers’ salaries has committed a crime against humanity, said Adebayo Adlabo, who is running for Entente governor in the 2023 general election in Oyo State.

Adelabu made the announcement on Tuesday in Ibadan, the state capital.

The Former Deputy Governor (Operations) of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) spoke during an open meeting organized by the Nigerian Workers Congress (NLC) Political Committee, Oyo State Chapter, under the theme “One on One with Oyo Workers”.

The Daily Mail reported that the event was attended by dozens of labor leaders in the state.

The consensus candidate, while addressing the workers, insisted that every worker deserved to be paid for the work he had done.

He explained that it was a crime to owe a salary.

He added that paying the salary is not an achievement for any governor, because every laborer deserves his wages at the end of each month.

He further spoke out by saying that any governor who was indebted to the workers had committed a crime against humanity.

Adelabu while speaking blasted the state’s 33rd place in the WAEC rankings.

Then he urged voters not to vote for candidates who lack financial, material and human management skills.

He added that candidates who do not have the knowledge required to govern cannot elevate the state to higher levels.

He denounced the use of salary payments as an achievement by some politicians, saying it was wrong to use them as a selling point.

He added that he enjoyed having his salary paid immediately, and therefore would not use it to campaign.

“Any governor who is indebted to workers has committed a crime against humanity,” Adelabou said.

“I will never be indebted to the workers because I have never been in debt to any workers.

I enjoy being paid a regular salary as a worker and have not owed any of my salary of more than 3000 workers.

“Paying a salary is not an achievement or a selling point.”

Oyo 2023: Tories indebted to workers committed crimes against humanity – Entente candidate, Adlabo

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