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Oyo: Accord Party splits into three factions as candidates and CEOs abandon Adelapo and support Makindi and Folarin

The Oyo State pact chapter split into three factions.

The Daily Post reported that confusion is currently raging in the minds of hundreds of Al-Itifaq members in the state regarding the endorsement of candidates different from the party by some candidates and party leaders.

Itifaq’s ruling candidate for the March 11, 2023 elections in the state is President Adebayo Adelabo.

Some party members decided to vote for Adelabu while some abandoned him.

The investigation by the Daily Post revealed that some candidates and state executive members of the party had endorsed different candidates than the party’s gubernatorial candidate.

Our correspondent gathered that some of the party’s candidates who lost during the recent National Assembly elections have endorsed the Democratic Progressive Party’s candidate, Governor Siye Makindi.

Some of the party’s candidates and leaders also endorsed the gubernatorial candidate of All Progressives, Senator Tislim Folarin.

Among the Akord candidates who endorsed Makindi, Northern Oyo State Senate candidate for Akord, Hon. Chyna Abiola Bueller, House of Representatives Candidate for Sake West/Sake East/Atisbo Federal Constituency in Accord, The Right Honorable Robert Atitola.

Our reporter also reported that the party’s executive government members have also abandoned the party’s candidate, Adebayo Adelabo.

State chief of the accord, Prince Kolad Ojo, who spoke on Wednesday, announced that state executive members of the party had endorsed Makinde.

Ojo, who was flanked by the Minister of State for Agreement Affairs, Onolainka Dayro, addressed the journalists on behalf of other executive members of the party.

Addressing reporters during a press conference in Ibadan on Wednesday, Ojo insisted that the party leaders had decided to endorse Makinde for a second term.

The party’s ruling candidate, Adebayo Adelabo, has been accused of use-and-dump syndrome.

The party chief added that Adlabo lacks respect for party leaders and members.

Ojo said, “Following the just-concluded presidential and National Assembly elections in our dear nation, the ACCORD State Working Committee, the 33 ACCORD Local Government Chiefs, as well as party supporters convened in the Party Bureau, Aremo, Ibadan to assess, exchange ideas and chart a course. To move forward with the aim of providing practical solutions for the continuous progress and development of our leading state.

“As a result of many petitions and petitions of heads of local governments to correct some wrongs, including unilateral decision-making, deliberate marginalization of government and local government party executives in party management and administration, and lack of harmonious working relations by the ruling party candidate, Chief Adebayo Adelabo, expressed He expressed his displeasure, disappointment and disillusionment at not moving forward as partners in the advancement and pillars of electoral victory for his candidacy.

“It has been conclusively confirmed after confidential observation and careful study of events that President Adebayo Adelabo prefers to work alongside his few supporters from his former party, thus institutionalizing the use and dump syndrome within the party. President Adebayo Adelabo gets neither recognition nor due respect whatsoever to the party hierarchy, and would maintain this if elected Governor of Oyo State.

“As a result of the above, party directors, including the state working committee, local and departmental executives, have lost confidence in President Adebayo Adlabbo as a worthy candidate to be supported for the high office of state governor. They say charity starts at home, and therefore we don’t want him to work with goals that are at odds with our party’s ideology. Unique and noble involving, unity, togetherness, development and progress of the masses.

“We are particularly satisfied with the achievements of Governor Cie Makinde in various sectors such as education, health, civil service reform, immediate payment of pensions and gratuities to name a few. Meanwhile, 32 ACCORD House candidates are vying for victory, and we call on supporters and supporters of the party to give them the support needed to achieve their resounding victory in the upcoming election.”

DAILY POST has also learned that some of the Accord candidates included Federal Constituency candidate Atiba/AFIJIO/Oyo East/Oyo West, Barrister Oyeleru Oyedemi, he also endorsed APC candidate, Teslim Folarin.

However, investigations by the Daily Post revealed that thousands of Accord members are currently in confusion over who to support on Saturday.

Our reporter gathers that the party has split into three with the way things are going at the party.

A section of the party decided to support the governor’s candidate, a section decided to support the People’s Democratic Party while another section decided to support the General People’s Congress Party.

Our reporter learned that while some members decided to support the gubernatorial candidate on Saturday, others decided to support either the PDP or the APC.

The Daily Post has learned that Al-Itifaq as a political party in the country has split into three at the time of reporting on Wednesday.

Oyo: Accord Party splits into three factions as candidates and CEOs abandon Adelapo and support Makindi and Folarin

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