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Oyo gubernatorial election: We do not endorse APC, PDP-DP and MDP candidates

Candidates contesting the House of Representatives and gubernatorial elections on the Labor Party platform in Oyo State distanced themselves from the alleged endorsement of Governor Siye Makinde of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The candidates along with the Obidient Movement, a group that advocates for the aspirations of the Labor Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, said they do not support either the All Progressives Congress (APC) or the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo. state.

The candidates and the Obedience Movement made the disclosures while speaking at a joint press conference on Monday in Ibadan.

The Daily Post reports that a section of the Labor Party announced its support for the HDP on Sunday.

The party’s chairman, Siddig Atayes, announced that he and other party members had endorsed Conservative C. Makinde of the Democratic Progressive Party.

However, the candidates and the obedience movement in the state said they did not support either political party. APC or PDP.

The candidates and the movement urged party members to turn out in large numbers to vote for the party’s candidates on March 11, 2023.

One of the House of Representatives candidates, Ayodeji Babalola (South East Ibadan constituency 2) speaking during the press conference held at the Obi/Dati campaign office in Ok Ado district of Ibadan, urged party members to remain calm and maintain the status quo.

Babalola, who read the statement signed by the other candidates; Mr. Kayode Adegumo Bello, Candidate, North Ibadan Constituency 2; Mr. Temidayo Taiwo, Candidate, South West Ibadan 2 Constituency; Ms. Oluwatoyin Okunlola, candidate for Oluyole constituency and Mr. Sumonu Musa, candidate for Ibadan Northeast constituency 2, have ordered the people of the state to vote for all party candidates during the upcoming gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections.

“We have been brought to our attention by a news item circulating in both traditional and social media, about a declaration of support for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) by some minority factions in leading the Labor Party in Oyo State towards the gubernatorial elections. and the state House of Representatives, an action taken unilaterally in pursuit of a personal agenda and amplification.

The movement and all candidates hereby distance themselves completely from the selfish attitude of those greedy and marginalizing elements. The entire public is hereby advised to beware of this desperate step.

“We urge all obedience members to remain calm and maintain the pre-war status quo, as we turn out in droves on Saturday to vote massively for all State Assembly candidates and our gubernatorial candidate, Taufik Tayo Akinwale.”

Oyo gubernatorial election: We do not endorse APC, PDP-DP and MDP candidates

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