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Oyo Party candidate NNPP Popoola is hinged on the minimum wage

The ruling candidate of the New Nigerian People’s Party, NNPP, in Oyo State, Eng. Olukayode Joshua Popoola, said the current minimum wage of N30,000 cannot survive for workers in a month.

Bubola made the revelations during a city council meeting organized by the Nigerian Workers Congress (NLC) Political Committee, Oyo State chapter, under the theme “One on One with Oyo Workers” on Tuesday.

Bubola said, “N30,000 minimum wage cannot buy anything. So, I will call on the NLC, TUC and other unions to review the minimum wage.”

According to him, his first priority, if elected governor, is to “proclaim the autonomy of local government, development across districts in local government begins before he comes to the state.”

He said: “Our party believes in grassroots development, if elected, local governments will be independent. I don’t do them a favor. It is already in the Constitution and I just obey what the Constitution says. If local governments are independent, they will be able to carry out their projects, for the benefit of their people at the local level, and even the Nigerian Federation of Local Government Employees (NULGE) will have a more worker-friendly environment.”

He further said: “One of the major plans that we will activate in the government is to provide adequate job security as well as to strengthen the workforce. We were hiring more workers without firing anyone.

He said he will also consider revising the minimum wage, stating that the Oyo State government has not yet fulfilled its promise on the payment of the minimum wage.

In his remarks, the President of the State National Assembly, Comrade Cayode Martins, lamented that most of the candidates did not keep their promises when they eventually became governor after coming to ask for votes during the elections.

Martins said the purpose of the event is to forge a close relationship with the gubernatorial candidates in order to embrace dialogue rather than confrontation when they eventually become state governor.

Oyo Party candidate NNPP Popoola is hinged on the minimum wage

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