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Oyo retirees have been called ‘dead’ by the Agemobi government – Makinde knocks out APC

Governor Seiye Makinde on Friday overthrew the former Oyo state government led by the late Abiola Agemobe.

Makindi was angered by attacks by members of the Progressive Congress (APC) party in his comments on pensioners’ welfare.

On Friday, the governor visited Erunmu in Egbeda Local Government Area, completing his 2023 campaign.

Makindi stated that his administration has worked well with civil servants and retirees in Oyo.

He said four years’ arrears of promotion had been approved by the Agemobe government, as well as leave of three years’ arrears.

McKindi referred to his promise that he would move people from poverty to prosperity and secure them to undertake meaningful economic activities.

Today, you can feel the impact of Amotekun (Western Nigeria Safety Net).

“We pay the workers on the 25th. Our retirees, whom the previous administration called “the dead,” have been brought back to life,” he said.

McKindi also hit back at a politician who accused him of not paying civil servant pay cuts to their co-operative societies.

The Oyo chief confirmed that he had already accepted two months out of five, while others would be paid in the coming days.

“Help me and ask them why their government has failed to promote any civil servant.”

McKindi told his opponents to “stop playing blame games if they have nothing to say”.

Oyo retirees have been called ‘dead’ by the Agemobi government – Makinde knocks out APC

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